Layla is one of seven children. She tends to get lost in the chaos of her brothers and sisters, but her love is fierce. When someone walks through the door to her small home, she is the first to sprint across the room and wrap her arms around the neck of an unsuspecting guest.

After her father was killed in the conflict in Syria, Layla's mom decided to relocate her children to a neighboring country. The family spent many months in harsh camp conditions before moving to a small apartment in densely populated area of a large city, where rent would be more affordable.

Layla's mom worked long hours washing dishes to try to provide for her children. However, in order to enroll her children in school she had to pay a fee for each child. Education was a luxury they couldn't afford.

When we met Layla, she was at least a couple years behind her age group. She joined our education program, along with her siblings, and flourished!

Every day she came excited and enthusiastic to learn. She finished the year in our program and on our end-of-year Celebration Day she was so proud. Now Layla and her siblings have been able to transition to a local school.

Celebrate sweet Layla's future with us!

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Since her first time in the Middle East in 2013, Kayla has been captivated by the culture and the beautiful people she has met. She strives to share their stories with the world in hopes of making it a better place.

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