The Valley is a place with lush agriculture and full of people with hopes and dreams and the potential to see them realized. Ghazem is one of these people. He is a young man in his early 20’s who worked as a maintenance man at the building where some members of our network live. One day he mentioned that a propane tank tragically exploded at a nearby camp and burned down 25 tents. Although no lives were lost, these marginalized families lost all of what little they had. His grief was compounded by the fact that some of those families are his relatives.

Ghazem has shown an ability to problem solve and a desire to care for his family, so we came alongside of him and began working with him to find ways we could provide some immediate relief for these families. He began by visiting families in the camp and asking what their immediate needs were. Over time, other organizations joined the relief efforts and provided material for building new tents, basic clothing, food, and more to help them get through the coming months.

As Ghazem visited the families, they expressed to him that they were lacking financial ability to provide hospitality, a key value in their Arab culture. He worked together with our network and a local shop to bargain a cheaper price on the items needed for them to reengage in hospitality and distributed them throughout the camps. This brought out the inherent dignity within each family as they now were able to provide the hospitality that is ingrained deep within their culture.

Thanks to collaborators like you, we’re able to provide opportunities for relief and development to people like Ghazem and his relatives. Join us in creating more opportunities in 2022 by donating towards our need of $35,000 today!

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$14,550 of $35,000

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