As Syrian refugee families settle into new communities, they often cannot afford or are denied medical and wellness resources. Extended civil war leaves many physical and emotional wounds that become worse over time without proper attention.

Cedars Network believes that rebuilding a nation will require holistic health for its people. In fact, the foundation of this dream of a rebuilt Syria is locals who are healthy and empowered to bring health to their families and neighbors. This kind of health will take intentional relationship with the individual and attention to the whole person.

We desire to come alongside marginalized communities and are currently assessing the medical needs of our local community, with the aim to launch a mobile, trauma-informed maternal health clinic in early 2020. We are committed to empowering locals by advocating for medical access, providing health education, equipping and empowering local healthcare workers, and facilitating emotional resilience. Through the mobile clinic, we will also be equipped to provide antenatal and postpartum care.

Join us in restoring health to a nation through equipping future rebuilders of Syria.

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