Support the work of serving Syrian refugees!

Zach and Kayla have been serving in a non-profit organization serving Syrian refugees in the Middle East for the last 5 years. They have overseen two thriving learning centers that have served hundreds of elementary-age kids in math, English, and trauma-therapy courses in informal refugee settlements. They’ve also trained Syrian educators to develop as teachers and given them opportunities to use their skills in their own communities! In short- they have done phenomenal, collaborative work to restore Syrian communities through educating the next generation.

The road to this transformation has been bumpy. They have experienced many transitions at the learning centers and their host country has gone through a revolution and an economic collapse. The hours have been long and the work has been both fulfilling and draining.

In light of this, their family is taking a season to be rejuvenated back in the United States. A key part of this process is a three-week counseling center for people who have been living cross-culturally. The goal of this counseling center is for Zach and Kayla to be restored back to health and wholeness so they can be ready for the next stage of the work. Your donation will go towards the cost of flights, accommodations, and the counseling sessions and be a part of their family’s healing!

Please support this important time in Zach and Kayla’s life and in doing so, participate in the restoration of Syrian communities around the world!

$950 of $10,000
$950 of $10,000