As refugee families settle into new communities, they often cannot afford medical and wellness resources or the resources are unavailable to them. Extended civil war leaves many physical and emotional wounds that become worse over time without proper attention.

Cedars Network believes that rebuilding a region will require holistic health for its people. In fact, the foundation of this dream of a rebuilt Middle East is collaborating with locals who are healthy and empowered to bring health to their families and neighbors. This kind of health will take intentional relationship with the individual and attention to the whole person.

We are committed to collaborating with locals in these three ways:

Health Advocacy

Things like transportation, knowledge about medical care systems and cost often keep the marginalized from pursuing available medical care. We bridge those gaps and help create partnerships between local providers and those who need their services.

Equipping Leaders

We provide a “living” education for locals with teaching sessions and working side-by-side in hands-on, whole-person care. This collaboration is building capacity and cultivating agency for personal health and growth from within the community.

Emotional Resiliency

Post-war communities need safe places to process grief and integrate new emotional distresses. In tending to emotional care, physical symptoms often disappear and people find the strength to re-engage with their communities and start dreaming again.

Spread health among marginalized communities

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