Abu Ahmad is a shepherd who owned ten sheep. Sadly, this small number of sheep didn’t make enough income to turn a profit for his family. In a nearby camp, Abdul is a farmer who was cultivating a small piece of land, similarly struggling to feed his family. Although these men possessed skills and talents, their circumstances were preventing them from providing for their families.

The Livelihood Project team members saw their extraordinary potential and decided to invest in their families. Abu Ahmad was given the opportunity to increase his flock to 50 sheep and now he not only supports his family, he also helps his neighbors by giving them milk, yogurt and meat. Abdul was given the opportunity to farm a larger 2-acre property and now, after the first harvest, his family experienced abundance and shared produce they harvested with over 30 other families.

Abu Ahmad, Abdul, and others like them are not only being provided opportunities to cultivate livestock and produce, they are experiencing hope growing within them and spilling over into dozens of other families around them.

We at the Livelihood Project have a goal to start a farm that will multiply into 50 other Livelihood projects, impacting over 200 families across Lebanon. Livestock will multiply and be placed on other small farms. Families will also be trained to grow food and start new gardens of their own. Partner with us to enable more farmers to farm, more shepherds to shepherd and create a space where more men and women can dream again.

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