Since 2019, some parts of the Middle East have experienced a spiraling economic downturn that doesn’t have an end in sight. The value of the local currency has plummeted and more than 70% of the population is living under the poverty level. Small and medium businesses make up 90% of the country’s GDP and yet most are struggling.

In response, we are pursuing contagious transformation among the marginalized communities. We collaborate with people from the communities, pursuing their holistic flourishing through social entrepreneurship development projects. We invite youth (18-29) and women with a vision for business to be equipped and coached through a four-phase cycle to grow their business to a place of flourishing that both provides for their families and strengthens their community.


Simple, 8-session training involving customer development research, the foundations of healthy business, and leadership development.

Startup Loan

Graduates from the program will have the opportunity to apply for a microloan to start their business


Graduates will be invited to on-going coaching towards profitable and socially beneficial small business best practices

Giving Back

Graduates from the training who succeed in their two-fold business goals will reinvest in future training groups

Join Us in Transforming Communities

Through Training and Launching Social Entrepreneurs