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Seven Ways to Support Refugees This Christmas

1. Fajr Beirut

Our personal friends have collaborated with Lebanese artists to design these beautiful notebooks and we all have a few on our end tables at any given time. Fajr notebooks are handmade in Beirut by Syrian refugee women. They make great journals, or places to jot your ideas, to-dos and places you dream of traveling (of course). Available with thick white or recycled brown pages, the spines are hand punched and stitched with colourful threads and available in two sizes.

Wherever you are in the world, they’ll post you a notebook with Royal Mail and you can expect to receive it within 5-7 working days.

2. Knotty Tie Co.

Does Dad really need another tie? After you see these ties, the answer will be an obvious yes. You will love the fresh designs as much as you love the mission of the Knotty Tie Co. From employee benefits to college assistance to job skills, this company is creating the kind of community we all want to live in. Even if Dad doesn't need another tie (and we think he probably does), go check out their mission!

3. Preemptive Love

Preemptive Love has long been known as the group that shows up first in scary places with relief and stays until the work is done - including development of jobs that produce these beautiful products. I can say from personal experience that their candles are premium quality from the container to the lingering smell of figs in the air. They also have soap, knit products and other apparel.

4. Re:new Project

This company hails from the Chicagoland area and dreams of helping women thrive as they rebuild their lives in the United States. They teach English and skills, then provide jobs making a wide variety of beautiful things - accessories for the home, bags for your friends, blankets for your baby, and maybe a pair of earrings for yourself. 😉

5. Soup for Syria

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Every time you make this soup, you will be reminded of Syrian women making these same recipes from heart. And as your family eats these recipes together, you will be celebrating our shared humanity. This cookbook was put together by celebrity chefs (such as Anthony Bourdain) and all the proceeds go towards food relief in Syria.

6. Tight Knit Syria

Six years ago, Dana Kandalaft walked into a refugee settlement with a knitted purse on her shoulder and the Syrian girls got wildly excited and showed her their own knitting and handcrafting skills. Tight Knit Syria was born (and growing! now with a collective in Lebanon and Northern Syria). Go check out their handiwork and make sure you read the stories behind the artisans.

6. Vickery Trading Co.

Based in Colorado, Vickery Trading Co. invests in the long term health of resettled women through personal development and job skills. And if that wasn't enough, they produce the cutest children's clothing. You'll also find scrunchies, scarves, stockings and other handmade goods.

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