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Create Opportunities for Syrian Kids

Are you ready to open up future opportunities for Syrian refugee kids? We’re really excited to be opening up a class dedicated to preparing our students for the important ninth-grade exam. Passing the ninth-grade exam is similar to earning a high school diploma for Syrians. Some students get a job after completing their ninth-grade exam and others go on to study their specific areas of interest. It is a very rigorous exam that requires dedication and study and passing it will open up many more opportunities for their future!

COVID is continuing to disrupt this school year. In spite of this obstacle, we press on in seeking to make this ninth grade exam achievable for our students. We are currently heavily relying on remote learning for this preparatory class, including English lessons, now more important than ever. The English portion of the 9th grade test has recently become more challenging with an emphasis on critical thinking skills instead of just rote memorization.

Other subjects on the exam include Arabic, Math, Science, and Social Studies. One of our teachers, “Ben”, came to us this past summer asking if we could open up this class and expressed his passionate desire to see his students continue in their studies, get their 9th grade degree, and pursue a future career in Syria. He will be teaching this class. The cost for this class for one year is around $3,500, which includes school books, supplies, and teacher’s salary.

War has tried to push down and silence this generation of Syrian children. Join us in collaborating with Syrian educators to provide kids with future opportunities today!

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