Superman, Batman, Spiderman... These super heroes are known all over the world. Why? Because they use their powers to serve others. We believe a super hero is someone who goes out of their way to help and love someone else. All it takes is a simple act of kindness.


We learned how we can all be super heroes by embracing character traits, such as, sharing, bravery, honesty, and thankfulness.


First, we warmed up and stretched out. Being a super hero takes strength.

Then we received our capes to clothe ourselves in kindness.

The arm guards are for compassion that lead to action.


Who can you help in a practical way, today?

The mask is to see the world through the lens of thankfulness.


Is there anything that you are thankful for today?

Then we had some good 'ol fashion fun!

We believe that together we can save the world. One person at a time. One community at a time. Join the Super Hero movement!

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Since her first time in the Middle East in 2013, Kayla has been captivated by the culture and the beautiful people she has met. She strives to share their stories with the world in hopes of making it a better place.

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