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Three Reasons We Believe in Holistic Care

  1. Physical symptoms are often connected to deeper issues.

The dictionary tells us that holistic medicine is “characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.”

The brain has an incredible capacity to protect us during traumatic events, but as the situations continue and emotional health is left uncared for, the brain continues to ask the body to stay on high alert. This sustained “flight or fight” state of mind can take a high toll on the body, resulting in chronic pain and fatigue.

With so many significant people and place relationships severed during displacement, many refugees experience ongoing emotional duress which shows up in their bodies. In these cases, if the whole person is not cared for, the physical symptoms can only be managed and not cured.

  1. Refugees are empowered to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

To simply focus on the physical cure or relief of symptoms puts almost all of the responsibility and dependence on the medical provider. While there are medical problems and illnesses that require the attention of a medical professional, there are also many things that a patient can do to increase wellbeing.

We aim to be trauma-informed in all of our care, building awareness and agency in each patient. We believe that a listening ear, mindfulness, an afternoon of relay games, a women’s art group - as well as ultrasounds, prescriptions and diet improvements - all contribute to wholeness. And so many of these things can be done in the course of everyday life.

  1. Holistically healthy people are empowered to create healthy communities around them.

When a person thrives physically and emotionally, their capacity and imagination will naturally grow as well. As a person within the community gains a sense of control and critical thinking over their own wellbeing—no longer depending on outside support or power—they are free to share this knowledge and empowerment to those around them in ways that are unique as the person themselves.

As we watch holistic healing taking place in those around us, we believe with all our hearts that the future of Syria can be bright, one community at a time.

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