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“My family is happy again.”

Living among the beautiful mountains of the Middle East, Abu Hamed is a middle-aged man caught in a difficult situation. He has had to flee his country due to war and his family can only eat if he finds work in a neighboring country. Some weeks, he will get one day of work out of ten, which causes his family to be without food and drink for a long time!

One day, some of our Network visited his camp wanting to help those in need. One of those visiting was one of our local partners, Abu Jaafer, who met Abu Hamed and shared with him that he is loved and that Cedars Network wants to help people like his family. When Abu Hamed heard from Abu Jaafer that his family could receive a food voucher that could be redeemed for food at a local supermarket, providing his family with enough food to feed them for a few weeks, he was elated! He could provide for his family! His life was changed.

He would later share with Abu Jaafer, “This food voucher gave me new life. The kids were falling asleep hungry. My wife was falling asleep weeping. Now they are happy again.

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