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Collaborating to restore a widow’s health

At Cedars Network, one of the ways we aim to collaborate with marginalized peoples as they pursue restored communities is through our health, education, and livelihood projects working together.

Um Waliid is a young widow in the camp settlement where we run our projects. She is one of forty-five widows in the settlement who care for their families by themselves. Culturally, the other men from Um Waliid’s extended family should help her care for her kids, but in the current environment they’re not even able to take care of their own families. The men around her came to us and asked if we could help provide for her and the other widows in her community.

As our camp school reopened following the Covid quarantine, our education project needed to institute new levels of sanitation and cleaning and we were able to give Um Waliid the opportunity to serve at the center. She works afternoons and weekends harvesting potatoes to make ends meet. 

Recently while harvesting potatoes, she was accidentally shot in the leg by a neighboring shepherd! We were able to help with her initial hospital bills through our emergency relief fund that is funded by generous partners like you. Additionally, our health team is reaching out to her, offering help with her wound care, medical follow up, and trauma care from the incident to make sure our friend and colleague is restored and able to continue to provide for her family.

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